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Chancellor – Dreal Muzik




Dreal Muzik (Smoke Clears) is a verbal illustration of the harsh realities that effect urban cities across the United States.

Whether its Flint, Detroit, Saginaw, Chicago, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Gary, Minneapolis, Houston, Colorado Springs, Fayetteville, St.Louis, New Orleans, D.C., Baltimore, Newark, Harlem, Brookyln, Miami, Lawton, Mobile, Oakland, Seattle, Kansas City, Portland, Dallas, Cleveland, etc.

The same issues plague our community. Drugs, gun violence, police brutality, gangs, poverty, and lack of education.

Its time for REVOLUTION AND REVIVAL! My war cry is for us to unite under one BANNER, fly one FLAG! SOLIDARITY is the key to our success. We have to ORGANIZE !

No matter if your MUSLIM or CHRISTIAN ! BLOOD or CRIP, VL or GD ! The hour is late and our babies are dying in the street. Its time for CHANGE ! Its time for a TRUCE !

The jails and prisons are being over filled with us. Our women are alone and underappreciated while losing confidence in our ability to protect and provide. Let’s take a STAND and TAKE our FREEDOM by first CLEANSING ourselves then take our OPPRESSORS head on.




Hip Hop artist and producer residing in Atlanta, GA via Flint, MI Young OG in the game. Creator of

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